Vietnam Experience

This section of the website is dedicated to Bob’s best friend, Tom Graham and to his two radio men Joe Haliday and Ron Douglas and his medic Bob Wolf in the 1st ID. Also to Sergeant DeShayser advisor who Bob has not heard from again.

  • Officer Candidates School 1966-67
  • Received orders for Vietnam and left Pennsylvania in mid January 1968.
  • Arrived in Vietnam early February 1968 as the TET Offensive began.
  • Received orders to report to Thunder 7 (highway 13) as a Platoon Leader for the 1st Infantry Division


  • First Infantry Division Platoon Leader.
  • Patrol and/or ambush 6-7 days a week. Draw fire and radio location.
  • July received orders to be Senior Advisor for Mobile Advisory team 44.
  • Inserted into a village to protect, train, patrol and be main contact with the Americans (126 Vietnamese soldiers, a counterpart and the village chief)
  • Pilot program for public safety in three villages
  • Lived among the villagers.
  • Served as Senior advisor in three separate villages.
Major League pitcher Pete Richert and Bob McMahon


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