Service to Media, Pennsylvania

Media Borough swearing in ceremony with Council President Joan Hagan
  • Elected in November 1981 to Borough Council. Took office in January 1982.
  • Served as Pubic Safety Chair for 8 years (1982–1990)
  • Served as Finance Chair for 2 years (1990–1992)
  • Served as Mayor February 18, 1992 to present
  • Worked closely with the Media Police Department, Mayor Frank Daly and Borough Council to reduce the crime rate in Media.

Mayor of Media
February 1992 to present:

  • Worked with Council to raise more than $6 million for improvements for Media.
  • Recruited businesses to media that include Trader Joes, Iron Hill and Fellinis.
  • Events in media draw more than 10 million views per year on local TV newscasts.
  • Immediate challenges on the pending closure of Media Elementary School and the Media Theatre.
  • Media Elementary School – For the third time in eight years the residents of Media rallied to save our walking school.
  • Media Borough Council conducted extensive research and developed a plan with much input from residents to save the school. Mayor Bob’s role was to approach each member of the school board, especially the finance committee and present the plan.
  • Media Theatre: As decisions were being made on Media Elementary School they were also being made on the Media Theatre. The theatre was not surviving as a movie theatre. Walter Strine Sr., owner of the theatre, had an interest in buying Media Elementary School and starting a Musical Theatre similar to what he had done in his hometown Milton, Pennsylvania.

    After many discussions, Walter decided to invest $1 million into the Media Theatre and establish a Musical Theatre fulfilling the vision of he and his wife Elizabeth. The Theatre reopened on February 18, 1994 with the production of “My Fair Lady.”

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